Let’s Go Natural

It’s really easy and safe to keep your bathroom area clean and sanitised with Koala Eco Natural Multi Purpose Bathroom Cleaner. Using all natural 100% safe ingredients will absolutely help your goal towards Healthier Outcomes for You and Our Environment.

KOALA ECO have created and produced a unique Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner. Safe to use, natural and non-toxic this wonderful product will impress you. We know that an efficient multi purpose cleaner does not need to include incredibly toxic, harsh and hazardous chemicals.

Chemical Based Cleaning

Most of the time we just don’t know what we are cleaning our home and workplace areas with? We see alluring advertisements for many cleansing products on the television. Do believe that they are the best options? We urge you to take a close look at the products you use and what they actually contain. Think carefully about the real active ingredients and what they are. It is no surprise to know that many contain very caustic and harsh chemicals. Big manufacturers use chemicals widely in their manufacturing processes for cleaning product ranges.

Advantages of Using 100% Natural Ingredients

Use safe, non-toxic cleaning and sanitising products from the Koala Eco range. Doing this you can feel confident about your personal safety and achieving the best results ethically. Know too that you are supporting a better environmental outcome.

Did you know that using bleach, which lightens the surface area, doesn’t actually eliminate mould on permeable surface areas? Bleach can add to a moderate mould development! Vitally important, Koala Eco Natural Multi Purpose Bathroom Cleaner is 100% natural. Using trusted and exceptionally reliable active ingredients is paramount. They include eucalyptus essential oil and plant based eco-friendly bacterial and mould combating natural ingredients.

Benefits  KOALA ECO Natural Bathroom Cleaner

Koala Eco Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner is extremely efficient at eliminating soap residue, dirt and gunk from your bathroom. Proven to be eco-friendly, non-toxic, Koala Eco products are never ever tested on animals. Koala Eco Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner doesn’t contain palm oil, is grey water safe and vegan!

The Better Choice

Many other ‘Natural’ cleaners contain plenty of ingredients in the mix that are not classified as 100% natural. Dyes, masking agents and artificial fragrances are quite common. Others can be chlorine, salt laurel sulphates and phosphates. You might not even understand what the majority of these things are?  And, for those of you who do recognize these potentially harmful and dangerous components, you will really understand the damage they can do. They potentially poison the environment and are extremely detrimental to your personal health. By default this includes everyone who comes in contact with them. Koala Eco products are 100% natural. Use the entire range of Koala Eco products. Include the Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner for awesome results. Make a better choice today for Healthier Outcomes for you and Our Environment.

Charitable Support

When you purchase any Koala Eco product and a 1% contribution is made to ‘For The Planet.’ Help this charity to support security of land, forests, rivers, oceans and sustainable energy production. Choose products from Koala Eco that have been formulated, tested and proven to be 100% Environmentally Friendly. They are sustainable and Ethical made right here in Australia and are Vegan Certified.

Make a better choice today for Healthier Outcomes for you and Our Environment