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Show Kindness for Better Mental Health

The Science Agrees Show kindness for better mental health. Credible worldwide studies show that those who are kind, caring, compassionate and thoughtful towards others are typically happier and feel ‘complete’ in their lives.  They enjoy better physical and mental wellbeing, and are generally happier and more satisfied with their lives. Good physical and psychological health […]

Eco Friendly Gifts Made in Australia

Eco Friendly Gifts Made in Australia – the Perfect Choice For those who are environmentally conscious and have personal and environmental health at heart, Gloves and Sanitisers have the perfect gift solutions ready to order online now. To be as authentic as possible we have paid close attention to detail for our Eco Friendly Gifts […]

Luxurious Bamboo Fibre Hand Towels

Luxurious Bamboo Fibre Hand Towels Gloves and Sanitisers offer Luxurious Bamboo Fibre Hand towels. There are four colours to choose from including Coral Pink, Gum Green, Sandstone and Soft Cream. Made from 100% natural bamboo fibre, these towels have a luxurious feel. Consider for your own use, or in a combo with our beautifully presented […]


KOALA ECO NATURAL BATHROOM CLEANER Let’s Go Natural It’s really easy and safe to keep your bathroom area clean and sanitised with Koala Eco Natural Multi Purpose Bathroom Cleaner. Using all natural 100% safe ingredients will absolutely help your goal towards Healthier Outcomes for You and Our Environment. KOALA ECO have created and produced a […]

Koala Eco Natural Environmentally Friendly Sanitisers & Cleaners

Kick Chemicals to the curb It is absolutely astonishing how many people utilize a large selection of unhealthy, chemical-laden cleaning products around the home and workplace daily. With continued use, cleaners with harsh and harmful chemical make up can be extremely dangerous with very unhealthy outcomes. Contact with harsh chemicals can cause very unpleasant skin […]

Australian Essential Oils For Sanitising

Exactly How Do Australian Essential Oils Keep Your Home Clean & Safe? Lets Explore Quality, pure Australian Essential Oils do take centre stage in all Koala Eco products from Gloves and Sanitisers. These oils are 100% Eco Friendly, Natural, Safe and non-toxic. They feature heavily in all Koala Eco cleaning and sanitising Environmentally Friendly products. […]

Chemical Free Autumn Winter Clean

Why Is A Chemical Fee Autumn Winter Clean Important? The traditional spring clean should not be overlooked for all the benefits the whole process offers. However, a chemical free Autumn Winter clean should not be dismissed. The health advantages are often overlooked coming into those real winter months.  So, keeping your home and workplace clean […]