Chemical Free Autumn Winter Clean

Why Is A Chemical Fee Autumn Winter Clean Important?

The traditional spring clean should not be overlooked for all the benefits the whole process offers. However, a chemical free Autumn Winter clean should not be dismissed. The health advantages are often overlooked coming into those real winter months.  So, keeping your home and workplace clean and healthy will give huge benefits when more time is spent indoors.

Chemical Free Cleaning products from Gloves and Sanitisers

We are all aware of the significance and value of a thorough Spring clean. This is a timeless ritual of renewal of cleanliness and the need to feel satisfied and rejuvenated. In days gone by, the age-old ‘Spring Clean’ was a time of hard work for physical and mental gratification. So, why too is an Autumn – winter chemical free clean important?

With the temperature levels dropping as winter approaches and everyone stays inside more, it is really important and desirable to ensure that your home and workplace environment are both visually clean and perfectly sanitised. This can be easily achieved using the Koala Eco range of chemical free all natural products from Gloves and Sanitisers.

Good Airflow is Essential

The necessary combination of heating, combined with closed windows and doors unfortunately markedly decreases ventilation around your home and workplace.  This creates optimum breeding conditions for mould, germs and a multitude of  micro organisms. These really multiply and flourish in warm cosy closed rooms. Just taking air flow into consideration is a reason why an autumn winter chemical free clean is really important for personal health. The entire range of Koala Eco environmentally friendly natural products will help you sanitise and better protect your health through the colder damper months.

A thorough deep clean of your home and work place is often mistakenly associated with scrubbing the living day lights out of every surface with harsh store bought chemical based cleaners. Consider a Chemical Free Autumn Winter Clean and enjoy all the benefits of using the koala Eco product range.

Koala Eco Products are Chemical Free

The Koala Eco range of Environmentally Friendly Cleaners and Sanitisers are 100% Chemical Free. Made right here in Australia the range offers naturally scented and extremely effective cleaning solutions for every application.

Koala Eco products will change the way you feel about your cleaning duties once you begin using the range. Proven safe, ethically produced and scientifically formulated 100% natural Eco-Friendly cleaners and sanitisers are made right here in Australia.

Surface Cleaning

Gloves and Sanitisers Koala Eco Natural Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner with Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin 500mlStop the spread of unwanted pests and bugs with the heightened risk of growing germs and micro organisms! Routinely clean all work areas. Include bench tops shelving and common use areas with wood safe Koala Eco Natural Multi Purpose Kitchen Cleaner. Utilise the all natural anti-bacterial and deodorising power of Australian unique Lemon Myrtle to efficiently eliminate bacterial nasties, germs and harmful  microorganisms. See and smell the difference!

New Handy Size Surface Spray

Koala Eco Natural Hand and Surface Spray125ml from Gloves and SanitisersHave the convenient sized Koala Eco Natural Hand And Surface Spray handy. Effectively sanitise surface areas when you are on the move by sanitising your hands and  door handles as you go about a busy day

Bed linen, hard flooring and indeed all the surfaces in your home and workplace can be effectively cleaned and sanitised. Simply by using the Koala Eco range of chemical free environmentally friendly products as a chemical free solution.

Often overlooked surfaces such as bedsheets, couches, cushions, drapes, rugs and carpet are examples of where dust mites and bacteria thrive.

Turbo Charge Your Laundry Naturally

Gloves and Sanitisers Koala Eco Natural Laundry Wash Lemon scented Eucalyptus and Rosemary 1LKoala Eco Natural Laundry Wash will absolutely Sanitise and clean all your laundry leaving it smelling beautifully fresh. Incorporating the powerful anti-bacterial powers of Rosemary and lemon-Scented Eucalyptus, this naturally degradable eco-friendly formula will work efficiently to clean your textiles, leaving just the natural  aromatics of an Australian rain forest.

Fresh Air

A reason why a number of us fall unwell during the colder months is the build-up of dampness and the subsequent condensation that occurs in our homes and workplaces. To remedy, where possible, open your home and workplace doors and windows. Just do this simple task to allow the air to circulate and freshen before the cooler dampness of night falls.

Sparkling Clean Windows and Glass

Gloves and Sanitisers Koala Eco Natural Glass Cleaner 500mlKoala Eco Natural Glass Cleaner with its powerful Peppermint Essential Oil will effortlessly clean the worst dust and grime from your windows and mirrors. This is an amazing cleaner that will act as a deterrent to flies.


Gleaming Stainless

Gloves and Sanitisers Koala Eco Natural Stainless Cleaner peppermint 500mlAntibacterial Peppermint Essential Oil will clean and polish with ease. Naturally it will perfectly protect all your stainless steel and chrome surfaces throughout the family home and workplace. Koala Eco Natural Stainless-Steel Cleaner is effective at shifting stubborn grease and food stains from dishwashers and ovens. Just spray Koala Eco Natural Stainless Cleaner on any surface that has resistant grease and grime. Just leave for about 20 minutes to penetrate. Let time work its natural magic and wipe clean. From this you can make lighter work of a what would easily be a much longer job.


The Koala Eco range of natural 100% chemical free products offer a range of Eco-Friendly Natural Sanitisers and cleaners for the home and workplace.

Healthier outcomes for you and our environment. All natural, quality certified chemical free products made right here in Australia