Eco Friendly Gifts Made in Australia

Eco Friendly Gifts Made in Australia – the Perfect Choice

For those who are environmentally conscious and have personal and environmental health at heart, Gloves and Sanitisers have the perfect gift solutions ready to order online now. To be as authentic as possible we have paid close attention to detail for our Eco Friendly Gifts made in Australia. We want to be as authentic as possible. At all times we want to sell products that deliver ‘Healthier Outcomes for You and Our Environment’. Our Koala Eco range of 100% natural and eco friendly products prove beyond a doubt that you can clean and sanitise without harsh chemicals.

Made in Australia

Team Gloves and Sanitisers love promoting and selling natural products especially where we can source locally and ‘Made in Australia’ is really important to us. This is vitally important as we navigate these challenging times. Buying ‘local, made in Australia’ supports countless manufacturers and is vital to many small businesses just like ours. Of course we are eternally grateful for all the support we receive with these ideals.

Gift Boxes

Yes we could have imported gift boxes from overseas but we chose not to. Instead we found a lovely small family owned business right here in Brisbane. They specialise in custom designing and manufacturing beautifully made boxes for any use or occasion. The ethics and sentiments behind their operation perfectly aligned to ours so we really enjoy this relationship. And, best of all they use 100% recycled material through the manufacturing process. Again this was one of our concerns when purchasing from overseas suppliers as we truly want to be authentic. When you purchase a gift box from Gloves and Sanitisers you will know and feel the quality. Our gift boxes are classy, sturdy and 100% environmentally friendly.

Recycle Repurpose

Custom made 2 Bay Gift Box made in Australia from recycled material for Gloves and SanitisersGift Boxes from Gloves and Sanitisers can be recycled and repurposed. Designed to be strong, we would love to know they are being used more than once. The beautiful foiled inscription on the lid of ‘A Gift Especially For You’ is universal and designed to cover any occasion. To remain true to our core values we use recycled wood wool as the cushioning and packing filler. This material does a great job and looks amazing too.

So Many Choices

Theo Teddy Bear with Koala Eco Room Spray and Gum Green Bamboo Hand Towel Gift Boxed by Gloves and SanitisersGloves and Sanitisers offer a wide range of Eco Friendly Gifts in beautiful gift boxes. They are made from 100% recycled cardboard. The combinations really are extensive and there is something for everyone. As personal gifts to give at house warming gatherings to just a very nice choice of gift for  saying ‘thank you’ we have you covered. Corporate clients have taken a real shine to what we offer to include Real-Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers.


Gift boxes are varied and range from two bay to three bay. A mix of Koala Eco 100% natural and eco friendly cleaners and sanitisers for personal, home and work place use are extremely popular. Bamboo hand towels and cute Teddy Bears offer another variation as lovely alternatives.

Koala Eco Kitchen Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner and Floor Cleaner Gift Boxed

Make a better choice today for Healthier Outcomes for you and Our Environment