Koala Eco Natural Environmentally Friendly Sanitisers & Cleaners

Kick Chemicals to the curb

It is absolutely astonishing how many people utilize a large selection of unhealthy, chemical-laden cleaning products around the home and workplace daily. With continued use, cleaners with harsh and harmful chemical make up can be extremely dangerous with very unhealthy outcomes. Contact with harsh chemicals can cause very unpleasant skin irritations and rashes. Koala Eco Natural Environmentally Friendly Sanitisers & Cleaners from Gloves and Sanitisers are your natural solution.

Unavoidable Inhalation

Unconscious inhalation of harsh chemicals is an undeniable risk to your primary airways and lungs. There are undeniable facts that the majority of these ‘cleaning’ chemicals can be damaging to your health.

Apart from inhalation, skin inflammations can frequently occur resulting from unintentional accidental and unavoidable contact with chemicals. Consequently we must take greater care with chemical use. It goes without saying that we must pay close attention to personal safety when anyone is using chemical based cleaning products.

Chemicals found in Sanitising and cleaning products

Many disinfectants and sanitising product contain a variety of chemicals. This is an undeniable fact. Phenol (aka Carbolic Acid) or Cresol, Chlorine and chlorine compounds, Formaldehyde and Ammonia are just a few.

These can attack the main nerve system, liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas. Clearly, we should avoid these dangers at all costs for healthier outcomes for you and the environment?

More Ammunition

How on earth can adding a load of chemicals to your home and workplace environment benefit your health and cleanliness? The short answer is it’s simply detrimental and there is no advantage! Factually we know Chemicals can kill off the germs. Are human beings being gradually weakened with continued chemical use and exposure?

Good IntentionsRosalina and Peppermint for Natural Hand and Surface Spray from Gloves and Sanitisers

Most people have the best intentions of keeping their homes and workplaces as clean and germ-free as possible. Consider chemical saturation?  Are our homes kept so ‘unnaturally’ germ-free from chemical over use that our immune systems no longer need to work as hard? From this, we do run the risk of weakening our immune systems.

Many companies declare that their products are ‘natural’. Yes, as labelled they might very well consist of a couple of ‘natural’ components. As a priority, examine all labels in detail. Koala Eco certified 100% natural from Gloves and Sanitisers is best choice

Clean and Sanitise naturally with Koala Eco Natural Environmentally Friendly products from Gloves and Sanitisers.

The Natural Alternative – Koala Eco Natural Environmentally Friendly

Investing in a well-known ethical, cruelty-free brand of sanitisers and cleaners is important. Koala Eco is absolutely the best step towards Healthier Outcomes for You and Our Environment.  Have complete faith, and be totally assured with Koala Eco products from Gloves and Sanitisers. They are totally safe, thoroughly tested and certified as 100% natural. All of these non-toxic natural products deliver extremely effective eco friendly natural sanitising solutions. It is vitally important to know too that the entire range is not tested on animals. Use the Vegan Certified, Koala Eco range of quality sanitisers and cleaners from Gloves and Sanitisers made right here in Australia.


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